Web Consulting Agency
The objective of the agency consists in finding solutions to promote on the internet companies and organizations
from Europe.
Web Consulting Agency offers services in web design, consultation and web marketing regarding building and promoting websites. Europe

- You are about to develop your own website?
- Are you promoting your company using internet advertising?

We’ll certainly help you to find new partners, new customers, and to have a better servicing to existing ones.
Web Consulting Agency will find the optimal solution and it will implement in detail what you want to elaborate..
Lungu Dumitrt - Manager general
Lungu Dumitru
Homo Interneticus
Mariana Chitoroagă - Art designer
Mariana Chitoroagă
Homo Designus
Vitalie Tarasenco - PHP Flex developer
Vitalie Tarasenco
Homo PHP Developerus
Nadejda Cojuhari - Web marketolog
Nadejda Cojuhari
Homo Marketologus
Denis Postu - Homo PHP Codus
Denis Postu
Homo PHP Codus
Bajura Simion - Homo Managerus
Bajura Simion
Homo Managerus